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  • kicktail Kicktail
    dual-hub-motor Dual Hub System 350w/ea
    18-mile-range 10 Miles Range
    regenerative-braking Regenerative Braking
    3-ride-mode 3 Ride Modes
    24.9mph-speed 24.9 MPH
    incline-rate 21% Incline Rate
    rubber-wheels 105mm Rubber Wheels(rubber tires are not replaceable, but extremely durable)
    wireless-remote-controlled Wireless Remote Controlled



    SAMSUNG 36V 10S2P 6.0AH: 10 miles(16 km) 
    SANYO 36V 10S2P 8.1AH+8 KM: 15 miles (24 km)
    NOTE: Measured 70 kg rider, and the actual range will be affected by road conditions, the rider weight, temperature, via affect battery cell performance .etc

    Speed Mode:

    Beginner: Top Speed 12.4 MPH / 20 KM/H
    Intermediate: Top Speed 18.6 MPH / 30 KM/H
    Advanced: Top Speed of 24.9 MPH / 40 KM/H


    In The Box

    1*S3 Electric Skateboard Ready to ride
    1*Remote Comes with USB charging cable
    1*Charger Charges battery in 90 minutes
    User Manual Read the user manual first
    1*Skate tool Customize the S3 riding feel
  • Dimensions

    Length 29.5 inches 75 cm
    Width 8.7 inches 22 cm
    Height 5.5 inches 12.5 cm
    Weight 16.5 lbs 7.5 kg

    Detailed Specs

    Top Speed 24.9 MPH / 40 KM/H
    Battery Range 10 miles / 16 km (+/- 2 miles / 3.2 km depending on rider style, weight, and terrain)(43.2v / SAMSUNG 6.0AH / Lithium-ion)
    Board Weight / lbs / / kg
    Max Rider Capacity Max rider weight 264.6 lbs / 120 kg
    Braking System Electronic Regenerative Braking
    Throttle Control Remote
    Connectivity Bluetooth Low-Energy
    Wheels 105 mm
    Wheel Durometer /
    Charge Time 90 minutes
    Deck Material 7 layers Lightweight wood-core(maple) composite
    Deck Flex Flex - designed for speed and stability
    Deck Dimensions 750*220*12mm
    Riding Mode Beginner Top Speed 12.4 MPH / 20 KM/H
    Riding Mode Intermediate Top Speed 18.6 MPH / 30 KM/H
    Riding Mode Advanced Top Speed of 24.9 MPH / 40 KM/H
    *Top Speed based on rider weight of 155-165lbs, across flat, smooth asphalt.
    **Range based on a rider weighing 165lbs traveling across a flat surface. The range is impacted by rider weight, terrain, ambient temperature, and aggressiveness of ride.


  • The order will be shipped out in 1-3 business days. Please note that the times do not include processing and packing of your order. If you place an order on a Friday, Weekend or Public Holiday it will take longer to dispatch it to you. 

    • Is shipping included in the price??
      • yes, free shipping, even there are some countries we could ship to, but there are some addresses is far, and need to charge the extra mile shipping fees.
    • How long does shipping take?
      • We could not control the shipping time, normally it takes around 8-14 days to the USA, around 2 weeks arrive at EU, but if you order happen to be weekend, it might take a longer time. Tracking number for every order.
    • Will my order come in one box?
      • Some parcels will come in two or more packages. If you have ordered a board and a helmet, a board with additional accessories, or a large order, please allow extra time as it will arrive separately.
    • I’d like to change my order, who should I contact?
    • I’d like to return something, who should I contact?
      • We don't accept returns. Please note once you buy any product(s) you can only get repair service. We don't offer returns. Meaning we will send you the product to fix/resolve the issue. (non-human damaged).
    • Will I need to pay customs fees?
      • Some countries may have additional duties, taxes or other charges applied through customs. We do not cover those costs and advise that you contact your country's customs office if you are unsure of what they may be.
    • What currency are your prices in?
      • USD


Ask a Question
  • Hello, Is there any upgrades on s3 from s2? Exept the board..... Regards Vlad

    Different deck shape only, other parts are the same.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
its got 2 speeds - Frank the tank - Old School

i love it, wish i got it sooner


There is so easy to use perfect for a beginner and finally the skateboard that you can go everywhere

Great company great product great service

The company kept me efficiently updated of the shipping status and when I tried riding on the board it was really great What a great experience and it is so much fun skateboarding around my neighborhood and saving money by not using my car as often!!!


The rubber tires are truly a game changer, on mixed terrain the ride is smooth and I felt safer that on usual PU wheels. First time I went over grass, gravel and cobblestone i had a huge surprised smile on my face. Absolutely recommended if you have have to commute in cities where the pavement is not always concrete!

Soooo impressive

This thing is amazing!!! Handles up hill like a boss! Much faster than I thought and the breaking system is flipping awesome! I highly recommend buying this board! Soooo worth the money!!


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29 reviews

The board is worth it for the price it goes really fast and alot of power but I had a little ups and downs because of the battery at first but with a little bit of help from skull board company it was fix

Great Front Wheels

The front wheels are just as expected. They are large, have tyre-like rubber, runs wheel on gravel, a bit weighty. I'm pretty sure the rim is made of aluminium. NB: as advertised, they do not come with ball bearings.


Satisfied but improve

I bought the engines alone, I'm happy, the engines are quieter, the eraser can erase the roughness of the road, better grip, but some points can be improved as delivery time, customer communication, the design of the tire that vibrates at low speed, but I have filled the furrows of the tire to eliminate the unpleasant vibration at start-up and braking. Satisfied but Product to optimize

I am very happy with the board

I am very satisfied with the board, only the delivery time of over 6 weeks was very long and driving directions forwards and backwards are reversed.