Please do note that the estimate times does not include our processing and packaging of your order. If you placed an order on Friday, weekend or holidays, it will be processed until our next work day. 

  • Will I need to pay for any customs fees?
    • Some countries may have additional duties, taxes or other charges applied through customs. We do not cover those costs and advise that you contact your country's customs office if you are unsure of what they may be.
  • What currency are your prices in?
    • US dollars (USD)
  • Do we have to pay for shipping?
    • No, it is all included in the price.
  • How are international orders sent?
    • We could not control the shipping time, normally it takes around 8-14 days to the US, around 2 weeks to arrive at EU, but if your order happens to be on the weekend, it might some extra time.
  • Currently, there are some countries we are not able to ship due to some customs issues before you start ordering please contact us to confirm shipping availability.
  • Email:
  • Even though we could ship to come countries, but if the address is in some remote areas, we need to charge the extra mile shipping fees. (we hope you could understand, thank you so much.)
  • It is really important that you have to make sure the address you put down is correct and it has to be in English. If the delivery goes wrong, we will not cover any extra fees, thanks for your understanding.
  • Depend on your location, the shipping fee will differ. However, for complete board and kits we currently also offer free shipping to the majority of countries.
  • The tracking number provided may take some time to get updated, it usually happens during the transit to your country. If there are any issues please contact us and we can contact the shipping agent.
  • The shipping time may vary due to bad weather or the holiday busy season, etc.
  • If the package comes damaged, please take some pictures of the damaged package with the label, and reject to receive the package, the shipping company will take responsibility for that.   and then contact us for the first time. 
  • If you need any additional information, please feel free contact us, however, we are unable to obtain nor have access to additional updates other than what is given by shipping company



Due to our low-profit margin, we don't accept any returns due to the high cost of shipping 
We don't accept refund when your order has been built.
We don't accept refund once the order is shipped out.
We don't accept refund when there is an issue with the product you received, but we will provide free spare part replacements for you to get it back to working again. 
Regarding any product issues, please check out our warranty page!


Full Replacement

We only replace items when they are seriously defunct or damaged. If you need any more information, please send us an email at