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You can contact us before the we ship out, then we can process a refund. But once the order shipped, we cannot cancel the order.

Check this link to know how our delivey system work

Once your order is received and payment confirmed, your order will be shipped via the method chosen during checkout. Most in stock orders ship within 1-3 days , however, processing time may increase during heavy traffic times such as holidays. 

Pre-Order reservations will ship based on the estimation given at the time of purchase. Pre-Order reservation ship times are estimations and are subject to unforeseen delays.  You are able to cancel your Pre-Order reservation and receive a full refund at any time prior to shipping. 

Yes, free shipping, even there are some countries we could ship to, but  there are some addresses is far, and need to charge the extra mile shipping fees.

We could not control the shipping time, normally it takes around 8-14 days to USA, around 2 weeks arrive to EU, but if you order happen to be weekend, it might take longer time. Tracking number for every order.

Our manufacturer offers a warranty for a period of 3 months from the date of receipt.  For more info please see our Store Policies page.

If you experience an issue with your board and require technical assistance, our team are available to address your inquiry and get you back on the road!

If you require assistance please send an email containing details and any applicable pictures or videos of your issue to : skullboardvip@gmail.com.  We do our best to respond within one business day.


Yes,you need to. It is recommeneded to charge the board before riding it, however it is not required. 

Skull boards are high performance machines and should not used or operated in any way by children under the age of 14 years old unless under Adult supervision.

The boards tested water resistant, meaning, if there is some water such as a shallow puddle, gutter run-off, or some sprinkler over-spray in your line, the board should be ok. However, it is not recommended to ride when the ground is completely saturated.

You rely almost exclusively on friction when skating, even more so when skating on a powered board. Skating on wet surfaces offers greatly reduced friction, resulting in it being highly dangerous and could have adverse effects on you, your board, and those around you.

In addition, please note that damage to the electronics as a result of moisture exposure is not considered a manufacturer's defect, and consequently, not covered under warranty.

The limit we suggest is 264lbs(120kg).  Over this weight and the board will lose some torque as well as range, and may put strain on the electronic and mechanical components. 

Yes, the board has little resistance which enables it to roll when the power is off.

40km/h, but a lot of factors ultimately control speed. Weather conditions, surface conditions battery charge level, riding style, rider profile and significantly board setup. 


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29 reviews

The board is worth it for the price it goes really fast and alot of power but I had a little ups and downs because of the battery at first but with a little bit of help from skull board company it was fix

Great Front Wheels

The front wheels are just as expected. They are large, have tyre-like rubber, runs wheel on gravel, a bit weighty. I'm pretty sure the rim is made of aluminium. NB: as advertised, they do not come with ball bearings.


Satisfied but improve

I bought the engines alone, I'm happy, the engines are quieter, the eraser can erase the roughness of the road, better grip, but some points can be improved as delivery time, customer communication, the design of the tire that vibrates at low speed, but I have filled the furrows of the tire to eliminate the unpleasant vibration at start-up and braking. Satisfied but Product to optimize

I am very happy with the board

I am very satisfied with the board, only the delivery time of over 6 weeks was very long and driving directions forwards and backwards are reversed.