12 Things to Consider When Buying an Electric Skateboard

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  1. RANGE Consider what you’ll be using the board for. Carving/Fun? Commuting? Getting around on the weekends? All of the above? Can you comfortably get there and back without worrying about mileage?
  2. WEIGHT If you run out of juice are you going to be able to carry or kick push it home?
  3. PERFORMANCE The difference in eboards is akin to the difference between cars. You have boards that get you from A to Z and then there are the ones that are a pure pleasure to ride. Look into the wheels and trucks and ask the question – how would this board perform without the electrical setup? There’s a big difference between an off-the-shelf electric skateboard vs a quality longboard with a motor. The wheels and trucks are particularly crucial to the overall ride performance.
  4. SPARE PARTS AND SUPPORT How long is the warranty? How often will you have to replace the belt and wheels or other parts and are they easily interchangeable? What is customer support like if ever there is an issue? This is hugely important as your board needs to stay on the road to be enjoyed.
  5. PRICE What are you getting for your money? Remember to compare apples to apples: lithium are more expensive than lead acid, professional branded skate parts are more expensive and much better quality than off-the-shelf boards from China, a longer range means a more expensive battery has been used. Who has made/assembled the board? Is it off-the-shelf from China where cost is the bottom line, or has it been made by someone who is an eboard rider and passionate about performance? There is a large gap in the electric skateboard market in terms of price and materials used, rule of thumb is ‘you get what you pay for’. It’s also a very good idea to read reviews and research how long the company has been trading for and how they treat their customers!
  6. Battery If there is one element that costs expensive on an electric longboard, it is indeed its battery. Generally, manufacturers looking to cut prices do so at the expense of a quality battery. So please take the time to look at the features of the battery before you throw your eyes closed on a model of cheap motorized skateboarding. The battery life is even more important if you plan to do long distance with your electric skateboard, as do not fall out of battery in the middle of your trip.

  7. Remote control The choice of the remote control should mainly be decided by your preference. But be aware that it is easier and more comfortable to control your skateboard with a remote control equipped with a trigger at the index finger, not a remote only controllable with the thumb.
  8. MOTOR WATTAGE – The listed power numbers do not tell the whole story - a lot more is involved to achieve ideal performance. For instance, gear ratios and motor controller parameters also effect torque in a huge way! By adjusting gear ratios on a motor it will effect torque and speed, just the same way a 10 speed racing bike does when you change gears for hills or flat riding. It is vitally important to have a complete system designed to work smoothly in unison, with proven and verifiable performance. Check out videos and customer reviews to really see the performance a board can offer you.
  9. 2 MOTORS OR 1 MOTOR? - Both can have benefits! Only recently has motor technology evolved enough to allow good performance from two motors - without sacrificing the smooth free roll so important to the feel of a good skateboard. Previously, this has only been possible with one purposely designed motor, and still offers notably impressive performance. In more recent models though, specifically designed sensored brushless motors take advantage of the increased grip and performance from two driven wheels, while still offering smooth performance and excellent free roll. The key again, is in the design of the entire system!
  10. HUB MOTORS VS GEAR/PULLEY MOTOR SYSTEM? - Hub motors do not have the acceleration, hill climbing and braking power as you get with a geared/pulley system.
  11. THUMB OR TRIGGER REMOTE CONTROL - The index finger is the most intuitive way to control and feel anything, using a thumb does work however it will not feel as comfortable as using a trigger control. It is also the most simple and easy way to get comfortable controlling your electric skateboard.
  12. DIY OR MAKING YOUR OWN BOARD - Making your own electric board sounds easy, but its not. It requires a lot of time, patience, tinkering and money! There are DIY options out there, however enter at your own risk and be prepared to wait for parts and waste time which is very frustrating. Evolve can make custom boards also and have been doing it for years!